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Pasadena Charm at Lavender & Honey

I’m not sure where I read it, maybe I heard it, I can’t remember. But, I’m pretty sure I know what it feels like to win a million dollars. Because – when he wraps his tiny arms around me, I’m there. I’ve won.

When Chauntelle of @bychauntelle texted me “We’d love to help you put together a short Instagram video. Maybe something like (a day in the life of Pasadena Charm)”

 I replied, “Your timing is perfect!”

 After meeting Mina @gabalawy (and we clicked right away) plus a few coffee dates to discuss the story and location, we were off to filming. Follow along as we add a little charm to brands around the city!


Location: Lavender & Honey Espresso Bar / Pasadena, CA


Collaborations with Chauntelle @bychauntelle

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