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Why Your Brand Needs UGC


As brand owners, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to create content that will resonate with our audience. We ask ourselves questions like: what does my audience want to see? How can I connect with them on a personal level? How can I use that connection to increase brand awareness and sales? It seems like marketing has been trying to answer this question since the dawn of consumerism. The latest solution? User-Generated Content.

What is UGC?

While User Generated Content (UGC) used to define when a customer creates content for a brand, which a brand then reposts to its own channel, recently, the term has been used to describe a partnership between a creator and a brand where a creator produces social media content for a brand to use on its own channels. These partnerships are not influencer partnerships (though they are similar); UGC is most commonly done between an independent contractor who has photographer/videography skills & equipment, knowledge of social media trends, and is able to edit together content that tells a story. As brands are constantly in need of new content and support for their products, this type of relationship is invaluable.  UGC has evolved into an integral part of many brands’ digital marketing strategies, particularly as the need for social media content has risen (particularly short form video content, like TikToks or Reels). 

Why Brands Need UGC

What makes UGC so successful? Essentially, UGC is a great way to engage with your audience on a 1:1 level, increase brand awareness, and increase sales. According to current data, UGC campaigns results in 29% higher conversion rates than campaigns that don’t use this media form. Approximately 87% of businesses are using UGC in some form to share more authentic content with their target audience and 70% of brands believe that UGC helps them connect better with customers on social media. UGC feels extremely relatable, relaxed, and personable – everything traditional ads have a trouble being! If you’re looking to connect to the everyday customer, UGC is the easiest and most accessible way to go. 

Additionally, UGC is also the cheapest form of advertising you can buy! Rather than paying for the creation of a traditional ad campaign (including a videographer, props, locations, etc.), brands pay a single contractor to do all those things for you! This setup is extremely similar to influencer brand partnerships, but has the added benefit of releasing the brand from the influencers price tag. Since influencers have a built-in audience they’re selling to, their work is generally worth more than outsourcing to a creator who has no following but has the same (or better) camera skills, equipment, knowledge of trending content, and editing ability. 

Examples of UGC Content

There are so many examples of UGC content floating around right now. Here are a few examples below from UGC Creators Social Charm Agency works with: 

Sydney – multi-faceted creator who can do a wide ​range of content. Voice overs, ASMR, ​Demo, GRWM, Testimonials, etc.

Joeilys – Latina content creator with a love for exposing brands through creative/authentic videos. I am passionate about creating content that is impactful, original and engaging.

Jos – professional photographer and content creator specializing in User-Generated Content (UGC) for brands whose main demographic is millennial women.

Ready to Invest in UGC?

If you’re ready to invest in UGC, Team Charm has your back! We can connect you with the perfect UGC creator for your brand. Click here to inquire with Social Charm Agency for UGC Services. 

In Conclusion…

UGC can be a powerful tool for your brand. It allows you to connect with customers in a way that participates in trending material, is personable and relaxed. It also allows you to make more sales for a low price than any other marketing tactic currently on the market! So what are you waiting for? Invest in UGC for your brand today. 

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