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Package Spotlight: Instagram Audits

Something we take pride in here at Social Charm Agency is our eye for helping businesses take their Instagram accounts to the next level. *Cue our Instagram Audits* ūüĎá

Ready to sign up now? Let’s get started! Or, keep reading to learn more.

The first step to strategically improving your presence on Instagram is a clear understanding of what works and doesn’t work, for your specific audience. Our audits are in-depth reports of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) associated with your current account. What’s the significance of a SWOT analysis? Your strengths and opportunities offer avenues for your company to flourish, while your weaknesses and threats can inspire improvement and help you recognize emerging competition.¬†

Here’s how it works: our team logs into your account using the credentials provided, we begin analyzing trends and gathering data, then we take our findings and break them down into a simple presentation for you. The presentation showcases your current social stats, key data from the last year, an analysis of your competitor’s content for comparison, and a breakdown of your current content vs. content we’d suggest to optimize your profile. The audit also includes a proposed timeline, hashtag research, and niche sets to help your business BOOM.¬†

Let’s look at 2 examples from Instagram Audits we conducted this year…

#1: Credit Union in San Francisco

We took a look at their current instagram feed, highlighting content that performed well vs. content that fell flat and outline the ways in which they could improve their strategy. Understanding the content that performs well with your audience provides you with a blueprint of the type of content you should post moving forward. 

#2: Local Yoga Studio

Similarly, we offer an analysis of your competitors accounts. You know what they say, “keep your friends close and your social media competitors closer” (okay, we may have tweaked that just a bit ūüėú)! Nonetheless, there is truth to this cheesy quote. By analyzing your competitors, we can pinpoint ways in which you can differentiate yourself and stand out from the pack.

The examples above, along with the myriad of other information provided in your audit, ensures your Instagram is set up for success. Invest in your business today with our Instagram Audit starting at $425. The best part? If you decide you want more Social Media help from us, you can put your investment towards any of our larger packages.

So take a good look at your business social media accounts and see if you need a little charm in your life. Fill out our Inquiry Form to get started.



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