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Ready To Clean Up Your Instagram Account?


While we know cleaning up your closet, your exercise routine, your diet, etc. are all the rage in the New Year, have you considered cleaning up your Instagram account? If not, let us convince you why you should consider extending your “New Year, New Me” mindset to your online presence. Keep reading for how to effectively go through your Instagram with a fine tooth comb plus some real life client results – our proof is in the pudding.

Why You Should Clean Up Your Instagram Account 

Simple put: things change. If you’ve had an active Instagram account in the past but haven’t touched it in a while, it’s likely out of date, off brand, and/or not bringing in the leads you need. Keeping up with the times shows your audience you care about your professional presence. This is a foundational way your brand is conceptualized, after all. This is true for both large brand accounts and personal accounts: either way, you don’t want your audience to have to scroll through confusing material to see what you’re up to, what products you have available, or what your current accomplishments look like. So get out your cleaning gloves and get to it! Here are the three main steps you need to take to get your Instagram Account up to snuff ⤵️

How To Clean Up Your Instagram Account 

Step One

At Social Charm Agency, we recommend starting with one of the easiest spots (that’s no less inconsequential for its ease): your Bio & Profile Picture. Once your new and improved bio reflects best practices for Instagram SEO, double check that your account information is up to date as well. This includes your contact information (phone number and email) as well as the link to your website or link-in-bio. 

Step Two

The next step we recommend you take, is to go through your account and archive any material that no longer reflects your brand, does not comply with brand aesthetics, or simply looks sloppy. Some examples of things to archive might include: seasonal posts, old brand material, poorly taken images, etc. This type of content may have served a particular purpose at one time, but it’s time to let it go – it’s no longer relevant and serving a purpose; in fact, if any of these are making your profile look messy, they are actively keeping you from expanding your follower base and engaging fully with your audience. This content review should also apply to your highlights – this is often a spot where Instagram users go to to see what an account is all about. It’s important that these elements also reflect an up to date view of your brand. 

Step Three 

Our next recommendation is to review your captions. Determine if this brand voice is conveying what it needs to or if you need to pivot and try a new direction. This voice will depend heavily on what core demographic you want to reach. If you’ve found your brand aesthetics have been on point but your account is lacking attention, try changing your messaging. As aesthetics and voice are the two most important things for increasing your organic outreach, it’s likely at least one of these needs to be revised. For captions, consider also reviewing your hashtags – these might be outdated, shadow-banned, spam-filled, etc., which are all things that will keep your Instagram from performing optimally. 

Client Results: We’ve Cleaned Up Multiple Instagram Pages

Our clients come to us knowing their Instagram isn’t reflecting the expert persona they’ve cultivated in their industry. They want to rebrand their Instagram into a spot where consumers and other industry professionals can easily keep up with their offerings, projects and accolades. Our Instagram Clean Up service is all about working with out clients to connect them more deeply to their audiences. We’re very happy to say that all clients we’ve helped achieve this and more!

What an Instagram Clean Up Includes: 

    • An in-depth review of client’s Instagram and it’s current performance, as well as our recommended changes
    • A new, SEO-compliant Instagram Bio and Profile Picture 
    • 10 custom Feed Post graphics
    • 10 long-form captions focused on connecting with the client’s audience and telling their story (including specialized #hashtags!) 
    • Revised Highlight graphics and content 
    • Scheduling of these posts on Later for an easy transition to client’s new IG feed style
    • Monitoring of posts as they went live in case adjustments were needed
    • 1 hour of 1:1 coaching with our CEO, Instagram Influencer and Brand Owner, Taryn Rothstein
    • Plus eons of communication behind the scenes of what they want to get from our services, what would work best for their brand, and how they want to use her Instagram platform going forward!

Examples of Account Aesthetics & Statistics Post Instagram Clean-Up

Before & After:


Before & After: 
Stats After 1 Month


There you have it! Why you should clean up your Instagram, how you can DIY it, and what you get when you really put in the work to clean up your online presence, plus a little sneak peak on how well this can turn out if you work with an agency as experienced as Social Charm Agency. If you’re interested in cleaning up your Instagram but thinking you might want someone else to do the grunt work, click here – we can’t wait to work with you! 

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