Who is Pasadena Charm?

Living the “Charmed Lifestyle” she always dreamed of in Pasadena, Ca.
Taryn is a California girl at heart with the smarts to back up her brand, Pasadena Charm. A social media / city influencer that was naturally created from all her local experiences. After graduating from USC with a Bachelor’s in Communication and cheering on The Trojans as a song girl she immediately began pursuing her dreams in La La Land.

Combining fashion, photography, creative directing, choreography, becoming a wife + mother and working with brands like Nike, Madewell, Anthropologie and West Elm opened up a whole new playing field that she could feature on social media. With her quick success on Instagram came an invitation for speaking events and panels at The Apple Store, PCC, Pasadena Social Media Groups, LA Talk Radio and MADIA Tech. Currently she is creating classes and guides to teach others how to use her social media influencer experience and know-how to collaborate with big brands and double their Instagram followings. Her next adventure is bringing movement to the streets of Pasadena through dance, lifestyle and YouTube Videos.


“Thank you for an ‘ah-ha that’s how you do it omg’ workshop on #Instagram secrets. How to nail the 5 min photo shoot: Mind blown.”

“Smart, creative, engaging, inspires and supports community and growth.”

“…the best part is how she engages with her followers via pictures or direct message. It always feels like it’s meant for me and me alone. The tips and tricks on how to make my IG fun and engaging, even though I’m no influencer, are useful and easy to follow. I can go on here but I’m sure you understand that her IG page is simply perfect for any type of brand. In fact, brands would be lucky to be charmed by her!”


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