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TikTok Is For Everyone

TikTok is what’s happening now, don’t get left behind! If you thought this app was just for kids, think again, TikTok is for everyone. From Boomers to Gen Z, Moms to funny Dads, fashionistas to dancers – there is room for all ages and all interests. Which is just one of the things I love most about the platform. I want to share my journey with TikTok and hope by the end of this blog you too will download the app and get creating with me! tips for using tiktok

It all started in 2014 as, an app where users shared short lip-sync videos. In 2018 a new company acquired and merged it into TikTok. Can you believe in 2018 TikTok actually surpassed Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat in monthly installs within the App store. It had over a billion downloads in 2018.

I was contacted by and did a fun campaign with them which got me started in August of 2018. That gave me the edge when it flipped to TikTok. I was already on and creating content, just had to master the new features the app now offered. One of the biggest new features was the “For You” page. It basically is a tailored feed that curates content you’d most want to see based on your viewing preferences. Also, when you set up your profile you are able to pick categories of content that interests you most.

Almost one year after my first video I had the opportunity to visit the TikTok Headquarters in Culver City, CA. I was able to take my knowledge to the next level by playing around and learning the best practices from the TikTok team. Three tips I want to share with you from TikTok’s best practices to get started include:

  1. Make sure you have a bio. Describe who you are and what kind of videos you make.
  2. Add a profile photo or video to showcase your personality.
  3. Link your other social media accounts.

If you’re scared of TikTok remember it’s about having FUN! This app is allowing people to be real, raw and ultimately be people again. Unlike your Instagram feed which is filled with beautiful, staged images this is all fun. We can all use laughs in our life! Whether you’re creating the content or consuming it, or a little bit of both (which I suggest), get yourself on TikTok. I’ll see you there – @Taryn!

When you get on the app you’ll need some accounts to follow, here are my suggestions based on some of my favorites:

And if you want more tips/tricks and community surrounding TikTok make sure to join my Facebook Group “TikTok Charm.” When you request to be in the group it will ask you a few questions, make sure to answer all of them so you can be added in. See you there! tips for using tiktok

tips for using tiktok

And if you want more details about using TikTok for yourself or your brand, check out my coaching & workshops page!

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