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Meet the Maker: Fresh Meals LA


My name is Gina, and I am the chef and owner of the meal prep company FreshMealsLA.
I grew up in southern California and  I moved to Pasadena 10 years ago when I married my husband Ben. We have two beautiful children. I have known the lovely Taryn for almost a year. We met while I was delivering meals to our friend Jennifer Kalil from Corte Studio at Sola Salons. From the first time I met Taryn, she wanted to support my business idea right away and always ordered meals for her and her family. At that time, FreshMealsLA didn’t even exist. my food concept was just a small local catering business. but she always supported me and always sent her food orders. when FreshMealsLa was born, Taryn was there from the beginning, helping me with ideas, sharing with me her knowledge and skills. I am truly thankful and grateful to Mrs. Pasadena Charm because she puts in a lot of effort in helping others like me and giving us all her best.

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