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National Coffee Day

It’s National Coffee Day (Sept. 29th)! But let’s be honest- everyday is National Coffee Day. It’s what we look forward to every morning and what keeps us on the go. The roast, aroma, and flavor all make drinking coffee quite an experience. It’s why I tend to prefer local coffee shops over chains, but however you choose to celebrate today, I wanted to share a new brand of coffee that I just love!

You may recall a blog on the Best Hiking Trails Around Pasadena earlier this year that I did in collaboration with Campfire Adventure Co. They have since changed their name to Campfire Adventure Coffee Co. with the addition of locally roasted, certified organic coffee beans! They offer three kinds: Grizzly Bear (light roast), Campfire Espresso (medium roast), and my personal favorite, Black Bear (dark roast). Before you set out on your hike or camping trip, coffee first!

Side note: Campfire Adventure Coffee Co. does pop ups almost every weekend at various locations around SoCal, but they are often at REI in Arcadia, so if you want to sample their coffee, keep a lookout on their Instagram to see when they’ll be there. And for every purchase you make, a portion of the proceeds goes to improving hiking trails through weekly trail lean-ups!

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