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Gold Line Pilates

If you feel like it’s time to get strong for Summer then I have a place you’re going to love. Do you ever get intimidated going to a fitness class? Maybe you don’t know how to work the equipment or it’s your first class in a long time. Have no fear, because this studio is a safe place for all levels – from beginner to experienced.  It’s Gold Line Pilates on South Arroyo Parkway right here in Pasadena.

Right from the start you’ll feel comfortable at Gold Line! The studio is owned by a fabulous woman named Melissa Woolf Heger, who is also a Pilates instructor herself. You can truly tell she cares about her relationship between the teachers and all her clients.I had the pleasure of having a private session from instructor Robyn. We quickly connected because we both have a strong background in dance! She was able to work with my body and my goals. That’s the benefit of private sessions, it’s all personalized to fit you!

If you’re unsure what pilates is let me explain. Pilates requires lots of precision! It’s all about intentionally coordinating certain muscle groups in a particular order at a particular time. It really relies on proper alignment through core stability. There are so many pilates studios out there, many of them chains. That corporate approach has a one-size-fits-all approach that is actually a huge disservice to the original intention of Pilates. The moment you walk through the door at Gold Line Pilates, your private instructor provides you with a detailed individual assessment, and then again every session onward to adapt to and address your short and long term issues. They never stop understanding and assessing your body condition, movement, and structural imbalances.

This attention to detail ensures you’re getting a personalized workout that a group class simply can’t deliver. If you have an injury, this is going to be an amazing, safe, and effective workout for you! Many physical therapists, pain specialists, orthopedists, doctors and chiropractors recommend Pilates. The Gold Line instructors work closely with various health care professionals, which I love to hear.

As a busy Mom I also love that Gold Line allows me to schedule my own session time. No more fitting a built out group class schedule into my day! Now I can easily make Pilates part of my life. Who knew working out could be this fun and rewarding? Hope to see you at Gold Line!

PS – Gold Line is hosting a workshop at their studio on May 26th from 9am – 10:30am. You’ll learn all about Pilates. The cost is $20 per person. More info here!



501 S Arroyo Pkwy

Pasadena, CA 91105

Phone: (626) 360-5999




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