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Dakota Charm: The Perfect Combo of Family and Freedom


Your present attitude is the key to your future plans and a trip back to your roots can be the perfect place to start. My husband is from the small town of Mobridge, South Dakota and I insist that we visit every year on the Fourth of July. Finn gets to experience a rare part of Americana with rodeos, carnivals, parades, fishing, tractors, and I get to slow down and unplug for a week. As parents, we need to take time to decompress from all the stress of work and our busy lives, and floating down Lake Oahe in a pontoon boat always does the trick.

Having a clear mind means getting to make life decisions without being overly stressed. The same can be said about having “financial freedom.” When you are prepared, you can set up the sails and let the wind do the work for you.

The path to financial independence isn’t easy and that’s why I’ve partnered with ScholarShare529 to bring awareness and help you set up your sail. ScholarShare529 is a great way to start saving for your child’s college education now. With college costs and student loan interest rates continuing to rise, the best time to save for college is now.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the ScholarShare529 program. Because it is 100% tax-free, you will end up saving more in the end than you would with a taxable savings account. When the funds are eventually used for qualified higher education costs, it is tax-free at both the state and federal level. It does not need to be used for tuition only, but can also be used towards other expenses like room and board, textbooks, and supplies. Opening an account is free, relatively easy, and only takes about 15 minutes where you can choose from a variety of options to make contributions. You can even opt to do a recurring automatic fund transfer from a savings or checking account, which certainly makes saving easier!

Spending time together as a family is so precious, and that’s what I love about ScholarShare529. Your family and friends can make contributions too! You can send personalized eGift invitations for birthdays or special occasions requesting that they make contributions instead of buying gifts. Family vacations, or even a trip to get some ice cream, are times my husband and I cherish, but so is the idea of Finn being financially free from debt when he graduates from college.

We can’t predict the future, but we can certainly do our best to prepare for it. If you are unsure of the best ScholarShare529 option, they will work with you to choose the plan that best fits your needs.

When Finn sails off to college, we will support him unconditionally, but we also want to feel financially confident. Finn deserves to experience the joys of being in college without the worry of how he is going to afford tuition or textbooks. Our trip to South Dakota was a memorable one, but nothing beats the feeling of returning home. We look forward to the days Finn comes home to share his stories about college, over a charming home-cooked meal of course!

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