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5 Benefits of Working with Social Media Influencers

As a dancer who grew up in the “industry” before social media, brands would have to hire a full production company with models, wardrobe designers, hair + makeup artists, photographers, editors, location scouts, etc. Now, through an iPhone and the power of social media, influencers are doing it all themselves. This led me to realize the benefits of working with an influencer:


1. It drives purchasing decisions.

Among the advantages of online influencers mentioning your brand is that it can actually drive sales. Consumers frequently look to influencers for advice on what products and services to buy. In one study, roughly 40 percent of respondents said they made a purchase after seeing a social media influencer use the product or service. Instagrammers have a desire to shop and are strongly influenced by what they see in their feeds.  In fact, 72 percent of Instagram users say they have purchased a product they saw on the app. I know I have!

2. Instagram users respond to influencer marketing.

Since Instagrammers willingly opt to follow influencers they trust, they are eager to view their content. Hence, content shared by an influencer does not seem spammy or pushy to their followers. Even if an influencer posts sponsored content, they won’t mind as long as it is done aesthetically. For instance, I always make sure content aligns with my brand and charming lifestyle.

3. Reach your target audience quickly.

Using social media influencers can help you reach your target audience quickly. Since influencers are in control of how they share content, they know how to authentically reach their audience.

4. Turn your brand into a hot topic.

Influencers are often the driving force behind new trends and movements. They frequently expose audiences to new ideas, brands, and products. By collaborating with a trendsetting influencer, you can instantly boost awareness and engagement surrounding your brand. Partnering with Custom Comfort Mattress helped them become a recognizable brand among a sea of mattress stores in Pasadena. Even if my followers did not need a new mattress, I always encourage them to “save the post” in the event that they need that product or service in the future.


5. Promote local business growth.

Because many social media influencers are local, they are optimal for promoting local businesses. They can quickly increase visibility and put your business on the map. By infusing charm into a shop like Dots Cafe Bakery, it captured the attention of my audience through a different perspective. You only have one second to spark interest. So be unique!


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Working with influencers isn’t just for the large corporations. “Micro” influencers can be affordable to work with and extremely influential. You can easily start by reaching out to people who have already started talking about you on Instagram (search for your branded hashtags to find them). They may be happy to share a post or a few stories with a “swipe up” feature to your website in exchange for a modest payment.

Charm Tip: DM (direct message) your favorite local influencer to initiate a conversation to see how you can be a part of this growing marketing strategy. *DM is the new email.

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