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Black Lives Matter: Let’s Take A Stand In Our Community & Beyond


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Many of our eyes have been opened in the last few weeks to a topic that may seem scary to talk about – racism. It is sad to know that in 2020 the Black community is still facing so much injustice. Though I am not a member of the Black community, I recognize the privilege that comes with my skin, I stand with them as an ally. I’ve been listening, learning and speaking out…something I will continue to do.

With this commitment to listen, learn and speak out I wanted to highlight some black owned businesses here in Pasadena. Some of these I have visited, but some I have not and I can’t wait to try it.  Check them out and let’s support them with our business and by spreading the word!

Pasadena/Altadena Black Owned Restaurants:

 Black Creatives To Follow On Instagram:

Black Owned Companies:

Black Owned Home Decor Companies:

Being the media mogul that I am I had share some black content creators to follow. I’m loving my feed since incorporating these new faces into it! I also added an Instagram Highlight to my page so you can utilize all of my BLM resources, check it out here. I encourage you to do the same so your resources, posts, reposts, donation links and stories don’t disappear.

Black Mamas To Follow On Instagram:

Black TikTok Creators To Follow:

And of course, I had to share some resources to introduce with your kids. Being a mom myself I realize it is my job to teach my son about these topics.

Resources to Share With Kids:



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