Join Our Charm Squad!

The Pasadena Charm team is currently looking for interns that can have potential to turn into a “Charming Position… 


Please see below questions… and we look forward to hearing your responses!

Pasadena Charm Questionnaire:

Do you love Pasadena? Want to explore, research and learn?

Looking to recruit highly dedicated, hard working Pasadena locals to join the Pasadena Charm team this summer. This internship will include but not limited to collaborations with We Work, charming brands, local artists, events, photo shoots and more.



Intern Skills Needed: wordpress, blogging, social media, photography and graphic design.

If you are savvy at 3 out of 5 of these skills we’d love to hear from you…

***or foward to a buddy that might be a good fit.

Please answer these 4 questions via email and resume to

Subject:  Internship

  1. Why would you like to work at Pasadena Charm?
  2. Where are you located?
  3. What days and hours are you available?
  4.  Incl. skills mentioned above

(***including social media handles is a plus)

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