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    Burgundy Boots in Bungalow Heaven

    Sponsored by Zappos

    A thru (Z)appos and everything in between. Zappos is great year-round and I am especially loving these “Bethanie” Boots in Burgundy. My brain said to go with classic colors black or brown but my heart said to go with something a little different like burgundy. TIP! When it comes to shoe fashion have fun and be different! I always get more compliments when I have a unique shoe color. Zappos always has a wide variety of colors and styles for every season with outstanding service and fast, free shipping + a 365-day return policy. (My Favorite!!!)

    Click Here for Bethanie Boots

    If you are familiar with my Brand, Pasadena Charm, you know that I walk around the city a lot and Dansko shoes are simply good for your feet. Also, being the mom of a very busy 6 year-old boy, it’s nice to have a versatile shoe that takes me from the city to the park.

    As we approach Autumn and new looks for Fall, Dansko shoes compliment my chic and cozy pieces that blend right in with my Pumpkin Spice Latte and Charming Adventures. Before you know it we will be splashing in puddles and I’ll be ready with my waterproof “Bethanie” leather boots in a mid-height silhouette. The heel size is perfect for this busy mom who loves to work and play.

    STAY CHARMING with @Zappos and @Dansko

    Click Here for Bethanie Boots


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